Educational Apps for Kids

In this era of technology, iTechnology has proved to be an efficient and effective way to teach our kids. The technology has changed the way of teaching our kids in an interesting and fun loving way.  Research has showed that the kids or pupils at their learning stage who use educational apps on smart-phones and tablets are performing better in their brought up. Educational apps can be downloaded and makes the study a fun activity. These educational apps not only enhance the performance of the kid in academics but also help to develop the mental and conceptual thinking of the kid.

With the influx of iPhone, iPad and iPod, the number of educational apps increases to a large extent.  The kids are much smarter in understanding through these medium and also in handling these latest gadgets. These kids are using the devices of their parents or they may have their own.

They are quite aware of the latest and best free apps available for these gadgets and strive to be updated by getting the latest applications available in the market.

Kids have their own way of understanding the things and usually they don’t like it to be a boring stuff. They want fun in everything. But parents want their kids to learn something from everything. So these educational apps suffice all these wants of the parents. The kids begin using it playfully, there are many of those free educational apps that help them learn and identify the basics like shapes, flowers, fruits, animals etc.

Considering it as an positive point the market is flooded with the free educational apps that are designed specifically to target this segment. There are many such best free apps available today and they are cleanly categorized depending upon the age groups. The categories can be Preschool, Ages 6-8, Ages 9-11, Ages 12-up,

Some of the educational apps are listed below:

1) Maths Flash Cards
2) One Rainy Day
3) Math Academy
4) iLiveMath Animals of Asia
5) BrainPop Featured Movie
6) Teach Me: 1st Grade
7) Swapsies
8) Analogies for kids
9) Dr. Seuss ABC

Above listed are some of the most popular and downloaded educational apps. Well the market is flooded with many educational apps of similar types. These apps in the form of word games, building, counting and simple calculation, color combinations etc enhances the eye, hand and mind coordination among the children. They sharpen their observation and grasping power.

You can have these apps for your kids which are not only fun but are educational and could help your child’s development process.  The purpose of this article is to aware the parents about how they can make the studies of their kids interesting and fun enriched using these educational apps.