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A game which is played on the screen of a computer or a TV with the use of some input device such as a key board or the mouse is commonly known as a video game. Sound is added in the game using sound producing devices such as speakers and headphones etc. These are some video games.

Flash games: - these games are also very easy to play. These are available for smart phones and can also be played online. Flash games do not require to be downloaded. Warfare games, Batman games, Ben ten games, and bejeweled games are all flash games. Warfare game is a strategy game and is set about World War II. Batman games are very popular games. Ben ten games are cartoon games and can be played online. Bejeweled games allow us to use our brains and solve the problems. There is another flash game known as Line rider. These games give us entertainment.

Shock wave games: - a shock wave is a disturbance made in a medium, like fluid, gas of plasma etc.

In computers it is a multimedia digital video game.

Online gaming: - Online games are played over computer network in other words on the internet. A hot game is one in which players can improve their position by making next move in the game. In these games mathematics is involved.

Many flash games can be played on the internet and are free; therefore these are also termed as free flash games.

Video games are played with the help of input devices which are used to manipulate the games and are called game controllers. The video controllers may consist of only a button or a joy stick while others may have many buttons and one or more joysticks.

Games are also classified as Core games, Casual games, serious games and Educational games. Casual games are easy to understand and easy to play, such as Solitaire etc. Educational games intend to educate and impart information to the viewer or player, such as counting and spellings etc. Serious games are designed to convey information and a learning experience to the player.

Action video games help and improve hand-eye-coordination and visuo-motor skills to the players. The players are found to be learning by doing. Video games can be adopted in schools, where students would not realize that they are learning.

According to new research video games may increase players’ attention capabilities. Some games have been blamed of causing addiction and even violent behavior to the players from various groups such as parents, politicians and religious