Net Generation and Education

The idea that a new generation of students is entering the education system has excited recent attention among educators and education commentators. This new generation is popularly called Net Generation or millennial generation, which is different from the previous generation. These young people are said to have been engrossed in latest technology every time. They need to be taught with sophisticated technical skills keeping in mind their learning preferences. Hence, it is difficult to use the conventional methods of teaching these young and dynamic people. The use of Internet and availability of online resources has changed the entire picture in the field of education.
For instance, traditionally students used to create flash cards manually. The story is no different these days also. The difference is that these days students prefer to make online flash cards.

There are many websites that allow students to create flash cards for FREE.

It is observed that the present day students are different because they are visual communicators. In other words, they are able to use visual spatial skills better, thanks to the computer games. Hence, we cannot undermine the need of using interactive techniques like flash cards FREE, online quizzes and educational games. This generation believes in discovering things on their own rather than being told by others. Net generation are natural multitaskers, hence can learn multiple skills with ease. They can easily unlearn the skills not required.

They have a rapid response time and they even expect fast delivery as well. Therefore, they can make flash cards FREE to test their knowledge as well as get the quick feedback.

These kids on the block are very result oriented and hence they take advantage of the information available to achieve the results. The students of the Net Generation want professors to be well-informed in their field and want them to use technology to communicate, and get used to information to student needs. They even pointed out the need of tests to assure student competency with technical skills, interaction, and relevance. The need of the changing teaching style according to changing technology is significantly felt.

It is important for professors to use technology as teaching tools like they use text book conventionally. Modern teachers know that the best way to teach is to make online flash cards and test the knowledge of the students. Teachers can make online flash cards. They can also encourage students to create flash cards. is a website that allows you to make flash cards FREE instantly.