Girl Games to Play Free


Since female gamers typically do not enjoy the same kind of violent and destructive games that appeal to males, there are titles available that are tailored to their demographic. Many free gaming flash websites on the Internet cater specifically to female gamers with so called "girl games." These flash titles cover different genres but the most popular titles fall into the "dress-up," "makeover," "time management" and "cooking" genres. Nothing prevents female gamers from playing and enjoying any of the other titles, but these are the type of girl games that are most abundant online.

Dress-up Games


Dress-up games are the online equivalent of the inexpensive "paper doll" toys. Girls can choose from a variety of dress-up games online that cover different kinds of styles, professions and characters. In these games the girl chooses one or more characters and dresses them up in a selection of clothes and accessories. She does this either by clicking on the clothes to make them appear on the model or by dragging them over the model. Some dress-up games also allow girls to print out their finished designs. Dress up games cover real occasions like weddings, real people like celebrities and even fantasy characters like mermaids.

Makeover Games


Makeover games for girls fall into two main categories: people or places. Makeover games about people differ from dress-up games by usually only focusing on hair and makeup and not individual articles of clothing. Girls can pick a character to makeover, such as a businesswoman. She can usually apply eyeliner, lipstick, blush and other makeup and change the character's hair style. In makeover games about places, girls can pick a room in the house and give it a makeover. She can, for instance, pick the baby room and install new carpets, wallpapers and furniture.

Time Management Games


"Time management" games are fast-paced titles that require quick thinking and reflexes to succeed. Girls can typically choose a facility that they would like to run, for instance a beauty resort and then juggle the needs of all the customers. Each customer that enters the facility will have specific requirements and if their needs are not met they will leave, resulting in profit loss. The goals differ from game to game, and customers at a fashion boutique will have different needs than those in a diner, but the basics of the games stay the same.

Cooking Games


Cooking games are not only fun to play, but in some cases can even teach girls real recipes that they can try in real life. These games typically have a selection of ingredients that have to be mixed together in order to create a dish. Girls can create everything from simple salads to entire meals in these games. As most of these games tell girls exactly what to do, there isn't much of a challenge in completing it, but it can be educational.


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