Facebook Applications for the Education

Shopping spree is getting heated up with these small yet lucrative and commercialized applications in your Facebook and so is education too. If Facebook is a medium of social intrigues for the elders, businessmen and the others, it’s more an intriguing place for the students who are seen playing games, interacting with their classmates and friends, sharing their thoughts and chit chatting. But if these attractive apps catch students posture and childhood maneuverings into the education spree, Facebook can become the most valuable asset for all educational institutes.

The interactive apps with their versatile nature, flexibility and attractive educational themes if adopted by the educational institutes can charter the new course in education where these very students may feel themselves more free and enlightened to learn.

The teachers with these interactive Facebook Applications can incite their students to solve their problems or any psychological turbulence they have to undergo. The studies have found that students face difficulty in sharing their problems with their teachers either they are scared because of the strict disciplinary approach in the educational departments or they are very shy or introvert. These Facebook Applications can be a great medium for the students to share their problems openly with their teachers and without any fear and on the other hand teachers too can articulately understand their students’ dilemma and solve their problems as well.

Often students have to face scarcity of resources and even difficulty in doing their projects or other assignments, so educational institutes can make end number of resources available for their students including books, research websites, and academic sources pertaining to their needs.

Even administrative authorities in the educational institutes can send them across their notifications, alerts, holiday schedules or any other useful information. The professors of the institutes can also facilitate in arranging assortments of the recommended books and buying and selling to have an advantage over others.
Books iRead, an app has allowed students to share the books with others and have their views about the same.
Flashcards can assist them to study on Facebook.
DoResearch4me app with its research features allows students to collect information from various sources.
Mathematical Formula app makes mathematical formula easy to allow students to find out solutions and distribute formulas.

These are just few but there are end number of apps you can create as per your theme or manipulate the existing ones. In whatever stage or step of educational process you are, the dynamic capability of apps purports you to practically leverage your educational concept to make the education interesting, easy and thought provoking for the students. These Facebook Applications can bring in new revolution in an arena of education, where students can openly express their choices, and get more scope to be educated and excel in their academic field. From the educational institutes point of view too, this venture can unveil whole new arena in the education as teachers and principals can come out of their classrooms’ domain to unleash this electronic Pasteur for spreading the waves of knowledge in the most interesting and creative way.