Education and Game Development

The market today is quite expansive and gaming too has taken the same trends to try and meet the demands of all individuals. There are many different game designs on the market today and all of them have one major goal: entertainment. The Game Development industry, however, hasn’t stopped there and has incorporated the entertainment portion into educational games.

Some of the games that are in the market such as the popular children's game “Dora the Explorer” help children with learning. There are also other numerous game design facilities that are made by different developers to aid in learning. They have been tremendously successful, such that they have been incorporated in teaching guides and books. The games are made for different levels of education and have been sold in education software such as Microsoft Encarta. This means that parents can get their children to learn while associating education with fun. This eliminates the general misconception that games are negative for the mental growth of children.

Games are not all ‘sporty’ and violent; they also have morals and teachings in them. The game development sector has the responsibility of providing gamers with games that they will enjoy; games that have already been tried by the correct Game Testers . If there is a need to restrict games for children, therein lies a responsibility to choose the games that are made for children. Parents should take the saying “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy” seriously. Although there are obvious advantages to game play, one should also make sure that the time allotted to game play for children is appropriately restricted.

In choosing Game Design for children, it is best that one reads about the game in its blurb and summary section. Game development also has to follow certain set laws on what it can contain. Game design should help the customer understand what the game that they are buying involves and thus one will always find a guide of the details involved in the game. One might also consider looking up game review websites that will talk about what is offered in given games.

Games have proven to be addictive to some people, while this is seen as a disadvantage by many, it can help in positively directing teenagers and little children. As much as outdoor activity is encouraged by physicians, children can be exposed to harmful environmental factors and suffer as a result. Sometimes, outdoor activities are prohibited and thus owning a gaming console will be quite advantageous in such cases where one can see game testing in practice as the child plays the game.

Games are available in different game designs, some of which might be only for adults and others that are children friendly. Denying a child the chance to play games due to the fear of indecent exposure might have the opposite effect on the growth of the child’s mental development. Having control over the games that one’s children play is ultimately a more beneficial position than removing the games altogether, especially since game development companies already have guidelines to follow.

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