Effective use of Assessment Software in Education

Assessment of various answer sheets of large number of students is very time consuming task for the examiners. Multiple choice assessment software works like a charm where there is need of saving the time in grading and fast reports generation. Such software is needed to be choosing wisely and according to the requirement of the organization. Its ease of use and set up criteria has their own implication so it is necessary to select the best suitable software according to the requirement of the organization.

The most easy and automatic tool for creating the multiple-choice assessments is computer based online assessment. It helps the examiner to create assessments easily done in simple steps. With the help of this kind of assessment software it will be easy for student to use as well as assessments don’t needed to be printed on paper before hand.

The results could be generated instantly after the exam is over. All data could be centralized stored in central server with past test results, student profiles and question storage. There are many organizations and institutes now using this method of assessing candidates in effective way.

The few drawbacks of online testing includes the requirement of computer connected with the internet, which is the most basic but costly requirement of the online assessment test. To create assessments online, the need of internet connected computer, separate for each student is sometime become costly for the organization. The need of powerful server systems is also required because large number of student take the test at the same time. One student should not be able to see another student’s computer screen to avoid cheating in test.

Traditional paper based multiple choice assessments are marked with the optical mark recognition (OMR) which is cost effective to set up for organization.

The current basic tools of computers of organization like printer, computer and scanner can scan the assessment papers and mark them automatically. The exam can be conducted in the most honest way for the students with the help of creating assessment based on multiple choice OMR questions. It is important to note that, the speed of the processing of results would depend on the speed of your scanner. This way assessment software might be useful to create a successful assessment.

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