Building Blocks is Good Educational Baby Games

Many children create the building blocks model which is in fact a reflection of actual structure of their real life; through these hand-made models of children, we understand their cognition towards the constructions in surroundings environment. Children's cognition of the environment comes from their creative process, well know of the building blocks shape and space, on the other hand, from the initial sensory space, thus it shapes to the space concept, which will become indicator to develop visual-spatial intelligence.
Froebel, a preschool education expert, put forward the "learning from doing", a system of nursery ideas, in which the main design is a series of interrelated building blocks, which become the promoter of the so-called "child-centered" educational philosophy basis. He found that when children are playing carefully the blocks, they can learn the integrity principles, connection of the internal structure, link of the opposite objects, and this type of knowledge all help baby intellectual development and physical growth.

In playing building blocks games, there is no need for adult assistance and companionship, no rules, no need for batteries, and easy to operate, providing children with a completely interference-free "improvisation" space, able to gradually develop children's own initiative, creative, and organization capabilities.

 American scholar, Suzanne Kolodziej, try to design a series of links to arts, mathematics, and science-related courses based on the theme of building blocks.

For example, Let each child have their own bag of building blocks, arrange them to select new building blocks they like every week and let the baby through this bag of building blocks, discover and recognize the inherent nature in the architecture, art, mathematics, and science. Every child full plays his ability to stack blocks, and through observation and imitation of other baby's practice skills, learn and recognize knowledge of new skills.

The role of parents in this process is to share their discoveries and observations and provide descriptive opinion, so that children have the opportunity to express their views on their work, instead of telling them how to do or what must do. Free learning environment can let children obtain great fun of building blocks, active observation, study and construction.

Building blocks can enhance the growth of visual-spatial intelligence. Baby playing building blocks is similar to an art work. In the beginning, they learn about permutations and combinations of lines, the next is how to construct tower with space verticality, and when they make the successful combination of straight trees and towers, they may connect to the concept of mathematic length, weight, and concept such as scientific balance, stability, and gravity.

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