A Focused Future of Education

All education systems that exist today are inadequate and fundamentally flawed. Designed to compliment the monetary system, we ignore the concept of true value. We chase jobs, not ideas, careers, not dreams.

We are taught to integrate, not innovate.

In order to keep the system of continual consumption going, we must be distracted and dumbed down. Otherwise we may start to question the system. We shouldn't be allowed to look outside the box - just in case we discover the truth about nature and the universe. Too much independent thought is dangerous for the establishment.

Instead of looking for problems that need solving, we look for ways to make money. We're not taught how to benefit society, but how to undermine it, in the pursuit of personal gain, motivated by profit. We're taught to be players of this game, this game of consumption where only our own personal possessions have any value, where other people and the environment don't matter.

As a result, we are taught how to work against each other, rather than putting our minds together in collaborative ways.

There is much potential in improving our ability to work as part of a team - a worldwide team.

However, the worst crime of our education systems is the way it emphasises knowledge over technique. Instead of being given skills to solve problems, children are merely taught how to absorb information, like a sponge.

In addition, another problem is that we focus on weakness. We attempt to make people stronger at those things they struggle with, ignoring their strengths. Yet it is a fundamental fact of nature that each individual is specialised. We are not supposed to be good at everything. We should focus on our strengths, building on them, improving them to expert level, instead of improving our weaknesses to mediocre level. Then there will be no reason why every person on this planet can't reach levels of excellency.

Higher Standard Curriculum

There is an overall low standard to the entire education system. Large classes (another symptom of the monetary system) slow down the progress of the brighter kids whilst still leaving the weaker ones behind.

No focus is put on the individual. The curriculum is not tailored for individuals, it is some politician's idea of what is important that everyone must learn. Nothing this general can possibly meet the high standards possible if children are given personalised educational programs.

There is so much potential going to waste.

Problem solving

Children and teenagers can be taught to identify problems and create solutions. In a state school, they are merely given existing problems that already have predefined answers. They're not taught to use their own mind, or to analyse situations.
Freedom of Thought

No more peer pressure. No brainwashing or conditioning based on social "norms". Children can be taught to see the true essence of social relationships, and given the ability to rise above inadequacies. They can be taught respect instead of prejudice. They can be taught to seek out the truth instead of blindly following what is deemed to be acceptable.


There is no reason why creativity can't be promoted even in a strict and organised educational program. Creativity is a fundamental tool that is severely held back in the current educational system. This is, in part, due to the drive for profit. Why be a badly paid writer when you can be a well paid lawyer?


Schools all over the world have failed when it comes to educating children about looking after their bodies. The drive for profit makes way for substandard school meals. Home economics is seen as out dated or "something girls do". While at the same time, smoking and drugs are desirable due to their prohibited status, and lack of sex education plays a big part in the spread of diseases and unwanted pregnancy. We need to take responsibility to focus on this important and extremely overlooked issue.

One of the biggest issues affecting young people's fitness is competition. While competition may be a good driving force in principle, it is often distorted by the monetary system. Corners are cut, and focus is put on greed. We chip away at each other for what we can get, instead of working together for common goals.

In sport, we take this attitude to the extreme. Only the strongest survive. And then the strongest go on to earn mammoth salaries. So the young people who are no good at sports, don't bother. There is no money in it, no glory for them.

This is absurd. Fitness is not about about who is fitter than who. The only competition should be with yourself, to push yourself to beat your previous records, to continually improve your own well-being.

Unfortunately, in today's education system, there is no separation between sports skills and general fitness. Sports are sports and that's all there is to it. If you're no good at it, you're pushed aside for the better kids. Yet it should be about each individual's personal development.

Sports skills and competitive strengths need to be separated from the "fitness" curriculum. People who are naturally skilled at sports can do it competitively but only if they want. Everyone else doesn't need to be involved with this.

Part of the problem of course, is caused by the giant salaries of sports stars. We all dream of the affluent lives of the rich and famous, wasting time chasing dreams of fame instead of bettering ourselves, creating, and problem solving. More worthwhile occupations such as science, engineering, education and art have far less appeal.

Hence we have become a generation of wannabes.

In the meantime however, technology is taking the competition out of sport (augmented limbs, untraceable drugs) so hopefully this will improve the situation. It's yet another example of how technology is undermining and obsoleting the monetary system.

Real Importance

Instead of churning out cookie cut workers ready made for customised jobs that have little benefit to society, a child can be taught in areas that are fundamentally beneficial to civilisation.

Instead of millions of people playing the stock market, making up lies in advertising, or chasing the fame of being yet another mediocre pop singer, imagine a society where everyone had worthwhile jobs. Someone good with numbers could be a talented engineer, pushing society forward with technological solutions, instead of adjusting figures for a lifetime as an accountant.

Education emphasis would be put on science, technology, art, education, and maintaining our resources.

Continual learning

There is no reason to ever stop learning. When education is made free by automation and digital duplication, and your free time is at your own discretion, you can learn as much or as little as you want in whatever subject is of interest to you. With the internet centralising educational resources, your personal curriculum can be designed and customised as much as you wish.