iPad for College Education

Students and Faculty will have Seamless Access to their Assigned Digital Course Materials through University’s Sakai-based Learning Management System

Currently, iPad has been equipped as a modern education tool which was introduced into American classrooms. Apple machine is on January 27, 2010 release of new products, the tablet can provide access to the Internet, send and receive email, view e-books, play audio or video capabilities.

iPad walks into the classroom

After the New Year 2011, some students return to school, the bag filled with new Apple Tablet PC - iPad, the provider is a school where they are not their parents.  There will be more and more schools in United States introducing iPad as the latest teaching assistant, teachers taught to use its multimedia functions Kafka literary, intellectual Jeopardy game by the way of history teaching, and the use of animation complex mathematical calculations step by step exercises.

iPad is more convenient than the textbook

Video and color images are a lot of people think that Apple iPad and other tablet PCs will lead the trend of e-textbooks is an important reason.

Analysts said that while Amazon Kindle mainly as a educational tool to promote, but not the same as the iPad video, and show the way to full color graphics and images.

Not only that iPad can also easily make notes, and through the network program to provide testing, training and updates. But when the student wants to view PDF on iPad, the optimal way is that you need a PDF to ePub converter to help you resolve some incompatibility.

Now 22-year-old University of Arizona student Alexis Chavez (Alexis Chavez) said: "If you can buy all the electronic versions of textbooks, I would be willing to accept. iPad hold a lot more than holding the book much more convenient. "

Advantages and disadvantages of low Price

U.S. market research firm Morningstar (Morningstar) analyst Mike Marco Corti (Michael Corty) that the e-book can help publishers save printing and transportation costs. However, in order to attract early adopters, they may be difficult to maintain the original price, but also with free internet content business competition. U.S. market research firm Simba Infromation expects U.S. sales of electronic books this year are expected to increase 4% by 2013 is expected to grow 11%. The analyst Kathy Mickey (Kathy Mickey) said: "The tablet PCs have to be read by a variety of ways to enhance the convenience of students and provide a better reading experience."

Electronic textbooks at the university website CourseSmart.com, students download a McGraw-Hill book "Macroeconomics tenth edition of" only $ 43, while the print version of the price up to $ 107. But smaller companies and university officials said, because it can reduce the barriers to entry, so the development of e-books so that they have the opportunity to challenge large enterprises.

Many foreign universities have already begun to pilot iPad. Loyola is a book to learn iPad EMBA courses. Duke University is testing iPad site teaching. The Abilene Christian University has conducted a limited test of the iPad, in order to build the iPhone plan, established in 2008.

The pilot program into the campus on behalf of the iPad some initial efforts, the question is whether the University has prepared for this change. Gartner analyst Ron Bonig around the iPad market expansion in the education sector made a number of key issues. For the university, they have no choice, because students are introduced to the campus iPad, Apple's very popular with their welcome.

iPad enters the campus, there are a number of factors to be considered:

1. whether there is sufficient bandwidth.

2.  iPad into the role after the campus is.

3.  The use of K-12 education is uncertain.

4.  multi-tasking will become very important.

5.  iPad use in the classroom will be subject to some conditions.

6.  teaching is not carried out overnight using the iPad things, requires a slow process of adaptation.

7.  the technology is being applied, iPad situation very well.

8. the most important point, that iPad is not CD iPad.

So, as educators , we should fully consider the various influencing factors when we intend to introduce iPad into university campus as an teaching tool! It is important to understand that an iPad is not a laptop replacement. It is also not a shared device, not really suited to a class set however it a wonderful personal asset for teachers and students in the classroom.