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Gaming has for a long time remained a popular pastime for people and along with passing years games are becoming more and more interesting as they are becoming more superior in terms of graphic quality, game-play and support. Game developers have focused on various genres of games to garner user’s attention and improved their functionality and improved their performance a lot.

Now, let’s look at some of the best games that are available for free to the user:

Urban Terror 4.1 – First person shooter games have been quiet a rage amongst gamers and with a lot of options to choose from they remain the favorite genre amongst most gamers. Urban Terror 4.1 is a free first person shooter game which uses the Quake 3 game engine and supports multiplayer game-play.

Moreover, this game also supports MOD which will be quiet interesting for the gamer.

Chicken Invaders 1.3 - In this free classic game the player needs to save the earth from the invading Chicken from outer space. Chicken invading the earth sounds quiet interesting isn’t it? Well, you will love to play this amusing game again and again.

Blobs – Puzzle game has been over for a very long time and still rules the heart and mind of game lovers. Blob is a free puzzle game which you would like to play for hours at one time. Here you need to jump over blobs and if you are left with just one blob the level is complete.

Street Challenge 1.352 – Simulation game is one of the most popular game genres in the world and most people love the excitement they offer. Street Challenge is a free simulation game which also supports multiplayer mode. In this racing game you need to compete with other players in a tug of war for supremacy by showing your superior driving skills.

Tetris Adventure 1.0 – Tetris is one of the most popular and evergreen game which still rules the heart and mind of users. This tetris clone offers the largest number of modes with high graphics and sound support which you will really like.

If you like to know about more such game and download them to your system, you should visit our section on Free Games Downloads where you will find a large number of games waiting just for you.



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