Look No Further than PBS for Great & Educational Kid?s Online Games

Your one stop education shop for kid’s games online may very well be none other than the kid’s side of PBS (Public Broadcasting Station). That’s because they happen to host a rather impressive array of exciting and educational kid’s online games. Of course, much like their TV channel is void of commercials, so is their website, and it’s always free to use. When it comes to learning, and the merging of that with fun times for kids, it’s hard to go wrong with the great kid’s games they offer here. In case you curious about the URL, this site can be found here: pbskids.org/games. In this article, we will take a quick look at three top games your kid’s are certain to love.  

Hat Grab: This kid’s online game is exclusively hosted by PBS on their website, and features a timeless children’s cartoon character, Curious George.

It’s a color association game that’s ideal for toddlers and younger children. Kids are tasked with grabbing hats off people with their favorite monkey pal as they pass by him in the airport. Make sure to only grab hats of the appropriate color in order to score points and advance levels.

Cows Don’t Quack: This fun animal association game will have your children giddy, laughing and excitably entertained. When animals get the noises they make all mixed up, it’s up to your kids to correct the farm sounds. In this kid’s online game, children need to rearrange the animal to the proper sound it makes in order to progress up the levels and beat the game. It’s a great way for them to learn about animal names and the sounds that they make.

Rocking Radio Jukebox: In this fun Kid’s online game, children will learn about spelling, letters and math.

What’s cool about this is that the children are presented with a cool cartoon character that helps them sing along to the alphabet song. After one pass through the letters, the pace is increased, and children must sing it faster and faster each time. It’s a fabulous way for them to learn about the alphabet, spelling and grammar while having a blast in the process.




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