Free Internet Golf Games

Golf games are mostly played by rich persons because a common man cannot afford joining a golf club by paying heavy amount of money. But now days there are numerous online games available for those who are unable to get the real life golf playing enjoyment. Free internet golf games are affordable and easy to play games. They are not advanced golf games that need to be installed on your computer and need sufficient system requirements like ram, space in hard disk, graphic card, etc. Free internet golf games are online uploaded basically these games are created in flash so you need to install flash player in your system.

Free internet golf games can be found in any gaming portal, millions of peoples are interested in playing these games daily. It doesn't requires any experience for playing golf online if you are having no experience you can easily learn to play internet golf games.

The biggest advantage of the free internet golf games are they need no installation all you need to do is register to a gaming portal and that's all. Your computer should have flash player enabled to your browser as you are going to play the game online on your browser.

If you have good experience in playing golf or you are a professional golf expert you can also play the game online to test your skills and know your flaws in different modes. You can also play on multiple networks with the help of this feature you can play the game with multiple players, so there is no for you to get bored playing lonely. You can also set your record by playing the best shot with fewer strokes, and you will have many players following you. You can play games on different modes such as individual holes, 9 holes front, 9 holes back or all 19 holes.

However graphic plays a vital role while playing free internet golf games, the quality of these games are not so great but if you want to experience the best graphic effect playing online I will recommend world golf tour.

These games have superb graphic and best performance, its needs no installation. If you are an experienced golf player there are lots of tournament to choose from and if you are a fresher there is a tutorial section where you can get self- explanatory to help in understanding the rules of the game.