Gizmos Science Computer Game

This is a computer game that is based on science and is intended to impart science knowledge to kids. This game mainly targets kids of 7 to 12 years and it gives them knowledge on the physics part of science. Some of the things that it teaches the kids include: The various forms of energy, magnetic, simple electronics and machines. Gizmos computer game has been developed by The Learning Company and it is compatible with any computers running on version 3.3 of DOS, Macintosh and Microsoft’s Windows 95 to the latest versions. The game has witnessed major changes being done to it since the first time when it was released for the first time.

This game is played like a normal racing game and it involves a player competing in 15 different rally competitions against one player who is referred to as Morty Maxwell.

The game also involves the player moving about in warehouses trying to get the parts that their car needs and in doing this, the player goes through various science principles and more specifically physics principles. The game is divided in to 3 categories namely automotive category, alternative category and the aircraft. All these categories then have five games which are quite challenging and educative to the player.

The game is educative in both science and math aspects as it teaches a player the following principles: - electronics. In respect to this the player gets to learn about making electric circuits. One also learns about gears. With this, a player gets to learn how to fix gears in order to come up with good machines. A player also learns about magnets because the player deals with magnets that have North and South Pole hence the player gets to learn about the principles of magnetism.

They also learn about force, balance and machines among many other lessons.

The gizmos game is therefore educative and kinds should be exposed to it so that they are able to obtain knowledge as they have fun.

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