The Important Educational Role of Baby Games

First, the value of game to the intellectual development of the baby

Games can promote development of baby perception and observation. Through games, baby can directly contact with toys and a variety of materials. Through specific operational activities, develop the ability of perception of various organs, hands-on skills and observation.

Games can also promote the development of the baby memory. The repeated experience of events in games enhance the baby understanding of knowledge, play a role in the consolidation of memory; playing a role in games, baby will consciously, actively and purposefully to remember some games rules or recall the plot of events, thus develop the baby's memory.

The game also can promote the development of the baby thinking. In the process to determine the theme of the game, the idea of the plot, assign roles, making "props" and a series of activities, baby is always positive thinking and continues to solve the problem, this exercise and enhance the baby thinking ability.

Meanwhile, the games promote baby imagination and creativity.

The game plot and action methods are not fixed. In the role-playing games, the baby can think of himself as another person, which provides a vast space for the baby's imagination and develops their creativity.

Game creates the baby more opportunities to talk to each other. In the whole process of the game, the baby needs to use language to exchange ideas, discuss methods, and help baby the verbal ability.

Second, the value of game on the character development of the baby

Game is an extremely important way to baby moral education. Through games baby can recognize the basic truth, goodness, beauty and false, evil, ugly. For example, the baby in the game, can often identify the good guys and bad guys, this will make them understand that they have to own good qualities to be good people. Parents can take advantage of the psychological characteristics of the baby to correct some bad behavior of the baby.

Third, value of the game on development of baby personality

By participating in the game, the baby can learn how to get along with others, how to cooperate with others, to enhance social skills and self-control. Because the child self-conscious playing together, bound to have some contradictions and disputes, but only through this experience can it promote the sociality of the child, learn self-control and listen to others suggestions, to develop your baby's cheerful optimism character and good spirit of corporation. A good personality is very important for the baby in future.

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