Education in 21st century


The education is no more confined to the walls of classrooms. As soon as we stepped into the 21st century the education sector started changing with a great pace. Today’s education has gone digital, global and high-tech. Gone, are those days when teachers taught their students with a mere chalk and a blackboard. It is an era of whiteboards & markers, projectors & computers.

As soon as young kids stop crawling, they pick up digital games and their intellect starts growing. As they grow, they upgrade their digital games. There are several digital games available in the market, which are focused to improve young kid’s learning capabilities.

The schools have also become digital and high-tech. Teachers prepare power point presentations, show them over projectors, ask students to work out assignments over internet.

The span of education is not at all confined to only the class rooms. Kids while working out their assignments, form groups over internet and chat with each other to facilitate group studies.

Students can now also gain schooling experience from home. E-learning has come up as a new way of studying altogether, which has proved to be of great use for physically handicapped children. There are several courses for children over internet that they can pursue. These courses are convenient to use and stay very economical. E-learning has taken education to an all new level.

Information technology has also led to a new element in today’s education called e-books.

These e-books are similar to the textbooks students earlier had but they are intangible. They rest in digital form and are designed in a layout similar to the textbooks, consisting of texts and pictures. Apart from providing an experience of digital education, e-books are also eco-friendly as they reduce the heavy paper production which is done by cutting down the trees.

Grad schools have also gone digital, undoubtedly. They have gone global too. Most of the reputed universities incorporate international students. Students from different countries go abroad to gain further education training and get a global exposure. They do brain storming with other country’s students which helps them to think bigger and wiser.

The education system of 21st century education system has a lot of positive effects. The digital era has taken education to a level that was never expected to arrive so soon. Students have become smarter than ever. They now think globally, do difficult and multiple tasks with ease. They are progressing towards a new era which is beyond imagination. However, at the same time, the adverse effects of this digital and high-tech education system must not be overlooked too. The students must know how to apply the theoretical studies into the real world. They must understand the importance of moral and cultural values. They must not get involved into the virtual world so deeply that they get cut-off from the real world.

The education system needs to be handled with care as it lays the foundation of a better tomorrow.

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